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            photo (c) John Cairns


            In our seminars, you’ll be in a class of no more than eight students of the same ability and experience. In your seminars you’ll have opportunities to discuss your ideas in an academically challenging but open environment. You’ll take part in thought-provoking debate and have the chance to develop your research and presentation skills in your chosen subject with expert tutors.

            Courses that use this teaching methodology: Oxford, Cambridge

            13-15, 16-17 and 18-24

            photo (c) John Cairns


            Tutorials make Oxford a global academic force. They’re an unrivaled opportunity to scrutinise your work with the world’s finest minds. Your tutorials, quite simply, will shape your thinking forever. Each week our staff will closely attend to your essays and arguments – and force you to justify your directions and conclusions. And they’ll share their own approaches, honed throughout many years of intense study and reflection. Don’t be daunted, though. Our tutors are here to guide and inspire you. They want to hear what you think and why – and help bring out the very best in you. You’ll learn new ways to think, marshal evidence and defend your beliefs with flexibility and flair.

            Courses using this teaching methodology: Oxford, Cambridge 16-17 & 18-24 year olds

            Interactive learning

            Our Junior courses for students aged 9-10 and 11-12 are centered around interactive, task-based learning with experienced primary teachers. These courses help you to develop your subject knowledge through multimedia presentations, group work, games, problem-solving and project work with a meaningful real-life focus. This teaching method is based on age-appropriate content and offers chances for both independent and group work. We want you to leave inspired and excited about your subject by getting stuck into it.

            Courses using this teaching methodology: Juniors

            photo (c) John Cairns

            Project-based learning

            On our project-based courses you’ll be working as part of a team to solve a complex real-life problem, guided by an expert tutor. You’ll need to collaborate between groups and get feedback from your peers to succeed and solve your project. In taught sessions, your tutor will equip you with the practical subject knowledge required to address the problem you have been assigned. You’ll then take ownership of your project during group work facilitated by passionate teaching assistants.

            Finally you’ll also learn from industry experts, visit innovative companies and immerse yourself in the current issues defining your project area. Your course will culminate in a group presentation to peers, staff and external experts.

            Courses using this teaching methodology: London

            photo (c) John Cairns

            English Language teaching

            Studying English Language with Oxford Summer Courses and you’ll learn in an interactive and immersive way, giving you plenty of opportunity for authentic, meaningful English communication and conversation. We use a combination of taught lessons in small groups, and ‘active English’ sessions, where you can apply your English to everything from cooking to debating and solving murder mysteries. Our classes cover all skill areas- reading, writing, listening and speaking, and place a strong focus on speaking and ‘learning by doing’.

            Courses using this teaching methodology:


            photo (c) John Cairns

            Blended learning

            Our blended-learning courses combine tutor taught seminars and practical sessions to give you a chance to apply your learning and voice your opinions. These sessions are in conjunction with visits and tours which are industry focused and bring you closer to top businesses and innovators. Your teaching could also include career skills workshops or talks and Q&A sessions with industry professionals over an informal dinner setting.

            Courses using this teaching methodology:

            What never varies

            Whatever and wherever you’re learning, there are certain qualities you can look forward to in all your teaching.


            As far as possible, we’ll build the experience around you. Building on your strengths and fuelling your curiosity. If there’s something you’re especially interested in, let your tutor know.


            Just when we think our experts can’t get any more enthusiastic, they go and prove us wrong. These are people who genuinely love and live their subject. Get ready to get inspired.


            Of course we believe in learning for learning’s sake – but we also believe you deserve more than that. This is all about equipping you for your future and placing things in a meaningful context

            photo (c) John Cairns

            What varies

            We sensitively adapt our teaching methods depending on the content, aims and location of your course. Honouring the traditions of your surroundings, maximising contact time with our experts, and ensuring you get the most enriching educational experience possible.


            Older students in Oxford or Cambridge, for example, enjoy seminars in small groups as well as the world-renowned tutorial (or supervision) system, where leading academics devote their full attention to your work and your thinking. There’s practical work, too, as appropriate.


            Intermediate students also learn in small seminar groups – with a blend of project work to encourage independent learning and foster collaborative skills – while our younger students benefit from plenty of teacher time in tailored classes and highly interactive workshops.


            If you’re in London you’ll be tackling real-world projects in a range of inspiring settings, guided by our academics and industry professionals. And if you’re attending one of our international courses you’ll follow the teaching methods of the institution we’ve partnered with.

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